Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life without Internet...

... is like walking with 'kaki tempang' (limping)!

We applied for a phone line with Internet service one week ago. They told us they'd contact us to make arrangements within 3-7 days. On day 5, I called, they said their 'system' said it's "in progress". Today I called again, they said we'd have to wait till their technician calls us. They've been getting lots of orders and we will have to wait our turn. I asked if they could give me an estimated time when we'll get it. All they said was, please wait. And all I can say is "B*ll S**t!!"

Government, government-linked corporations....I have lots to say but not here. So is Malaysia a developed country?

My poor computer is so lonely in this old place of mine, simply because I can only access the Internet from here for now....

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