Monday, March 2, 2009

Grooming Rusty

We bought an electric rechargeable fur/hair trimmer to groom Rusty over the weekend. Yesterday, Eugene started the job but I ended up taking over and finishing up. If you think cutting a kid's hair is hard, try a hyperactive four-month-old puppy. He was wriggly and couldn't stay put. Fur was all over the place. Our attempt to lay the floor beneath him with newspaper to collect the cut fur was futile.

Next was giving him a bath, blowing him dry with the hairdryer and trimming his nails. Lots of struggle with Rusty who enjoyed the attention but couldn't keep still and enjoyed wrestling with our tools and hands using his mouth and teeth.

It was literally a back breaking afternoon grooming Rusty unlike what you see here in this video. Nevertheless, I still gave him a treat after that.

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