Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One week

It's been a week since my last post here. We were off school and work for a total of 10 days which included three days of public holidays (two for Chinese New Year and one for Federal Territory Day). We gathered with family in Klang and Seremban, ate, ate, ate, exchanged CNY red packets, shopped for new house stuff, moved a number of boxes and now, the 10 days are over... :( So quickly, we're now back to our daily routine of school, work, errands and household chores.

Caitlin and Eugene have left for school and work, while I'm trying to get myself motivated to work from home and tend to errands....checking on email, reading online news and blogging right now are actually not helping!

Looking at Rusty spread out comfortably napping with his rawhide bone in his mouth makes me envious, just like how a baby is sleeping with his pacifier in the mouth. Hmmm, the life of a pet dog in a loving family is great. Who cares if countries are at war, world weather is in chaos, local politicians continue their comedy, people get kidnapped and murdered, detainees die from police brutality, world economy is in the pits .... I'll sleep and play as I like, get fed when it's time and have others picking up my shit, literally or otherwise. What a dog's life!

Rusty in his favourite sleeping position beneath my computer chair

The human whose feet the privileged dog is lying beneath has a long list of "to-do" items... Write, write, write (not easy when you have trouble focusing, hmmm, do I have ADHD?), tidy up house, pack stuff, call the plumber, electrician, cleaners, furniture shop, defects rectification guy for the house, shop for more light fixtures, aircons, water heaters, cook dinner, do laundry, fold laundry, pick up dry cleaning, feed the dog and fish, collect some online purchase item from their local office, pay bills online, go to the bank, fetch Caitlin from school, do homework with her, practise drum and piano with her (more like pulling teeth despite her interest), catch up on six months' filing of documents, bills, etc (this one I loathe as you can tell from the procrastination), and shop for a birthday present. Oh, and should I attend Caitlin's school PTA AGM this Saturday? What a human's life!

Okay human, take a deep breath and count your blessings. The journey of a thousand miles begins when you have a good idea of where you are heading, why you are heading there and how you intend to get there....

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