Sunday, February 8, 2009

No end

There seems no end to things I need to do. Got the lights and fans fixed in the new place on Friday but the guy couldn't complete it in one day so it dragged on to yesterday with some hitches. Some light fixtures we got were faulty while one fan point did not have power supply to it and two bedroom doors could not close and lock...So another round of rushing to the light shop to get them exchanged in time for the guy to install them before I pay him and he leaves. If he were to return another day, it would mean extra cost.

The next opportunity I have, I'll have to submit a fresh 'defects' form to the developer to get the newly-discovered defects fixed, in addition to chasing the guy to replace the faulty water pump and touch up a crack and some stains on the ceiling.

Then we'll need to install air-conds and water heaters, clean up the place further, get the curtain man to install our curtains, put in some blinds and mosquito netting, get a plumber to install a sink, (I'm sure there's more...), pack more things and move. Our moving date has been 'moving' a few times so much so that we're not setting dates anymore. We'll just move in when we're ready.

And there's also no end to my futile attempt to meet some self-imposed deadlines.

Caitlin and I attended a birthday party this afternoon. Eugene was not able to join us as he had just returned on the first flight (7am) after a sleepless night in Johor Baru for work. So he slept. It was the first birthday of a good friend's son. I've known this friend since we were five, living two doors away from each other in Melaka and we were classmates from Standard 1 to Form 5. Also met up with another friend we were classmates with between Std 2 and Form 5. It's amazing how some friendships last! We all turned 40 last year and it felt like only yesterday we were playing 'hantu galah', talking about boys and getting together at each other's house.

Upon returning home, I gave Rusty a good bath. Caitlin agreed to help when we were on the way home in the car but as soon as she got home, her toys were more important... and we're talking about "her" dog! So Rusty's fur inside his ears got tweezed out (poor thing...) before I could clean out the wax from inside. Then came the water and shampoo. Just after I decided in my mind that he'd got a good rinse, he slipped out of my clutches and ran out of the bathroom, shaking off all the water and 'flooding' the corridor! Eugene came to the rescue with the towel and wiped him off. We chained him to a door while Eugene vacuumed and mopped the corridor, living and dining area while I combed his fur and trimmed a little of his furry brows and muzzle. Meanwhile, Caitlin continued in her merry imaginary world with her My Little Pony community.

In an hour's time, we'll be out again, for what is probably our last Chinese New Year dinner for the year with some of Eugene's cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, nephews, nieces and parents. There goes the weekend.

Tomorrow is the last day (15th day) of Chinese New Year. It happens to be a holiday, a replacement for today's public holiday of Thaipusam, a Hindu festival. There'll be more errands to run for sure.

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