Thursday, February 19, 2009

My day

You're an internet 'junkie' when you feel

1. unproductive
2. edgy
3. moody
4. fidgety
5. uneasy
6. irritable
7. lost
8. frustrated

when you are not able to surf, check email, blog, search, log in to Facebook or other networking sites, work using the computer etc.

The internet service provider's server was down for two days (usually happens after a big storm I notice) and it's only this afternoon that it's back.

So this morning, instead of doing all the abovementioned, I managed to catch up on two recent episodes of House Season 5 and one episode of Life Season 2. (Yup, I was 'sick' of not having access to the internet and rebelled by not doing any other pending work like cook or clean or pack things for moving...). That's one advantage of working from home I guess!

Would you risk your career and doctor's licence for not following protocol in a medicine trial you are conducting, in the hope that you could help your girlfriend who is enrolled in the trial? Would you tell your friend you are in love with his father's fiancee? Would you sleep with your boss? Would you give your all to a baby in your care whom the authorities have yet to approve your wish to adopt? All these were some of the situations in the three episodes of House and Life I watched between 7am and 10am this morning.

I also read this somewhere in between watching the episodes: "In C. S. Lewis' tales of Narnia, Mr Tumnus complains that in Narnia it is "always winter and never Christmas." But for those of us who know the God who made the seasons, it is always Christmas in our hearts..." i.e. winter could be cold, dark and dreary if not for Christmas, Christ's birth, that gives hope and strength. Christmas goes beyond decorations, gifts and parties I'm reminded.

After all that, some guilt set in so I started packing, cooking and cleaning...Even if I didn't want to clean, Rusty made me because he pee-d inside the house (again, sign of rebellion for not getting enough attention from me). So mopping was in the list of work that required immediate attention. Then it was ironing, otherwise Caitlin would not have her school T-shirt ready for PE tomorrow. And then cooking unless we fast and go to bed tonight minus dinner...

A mum is so very important isn't it? I have a fridge magnet that says, "Moms are like buttons. They hold things together."

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