Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Rusty rebellion

We think Rusty shows his rebellious side everytime we ignore him when we leave him alone. That's how he gets to our stuff and chews them. But that's quite normal of a 3+ months old puppy actually. It's when he leaves puddles and clumpsat places that are out of the usual spots in the house that gets to me when I return from outside. Other times when we're home, he is a good boy, relieving himself outside on or near the newspaper spot. But somehow, when we're not home, he will sometimes decide to do it anywhere he pleases.....

When he hears me unlocking the door, he rushes to the door and greets me enthusiastically, wagging his stumpy tail, jumping up and down, beckoning me to play catch. But when I see what he had done, he gets a scolding. Somehow he knows he's being scolded. He retreats and pouts. Dogs are such intelligent creatures.

This is a picture taken of him just after I scolded him. See what I mean about his pouting?

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