Thursday, February 19, 2009

Milk teeth

I do not remember having to go to the dentist, ever.., to have my milk teeth extracted. I remember shaking them in and out until they became very loose and even tied thread around it to yank them out. Looking back, I think I was a rather brave and daring girl.... ha ha.

As for Caitlin, her first loose tooth had to be extracted by a dentist. That happened two days ago when it was rather loose and the permanent tooth was already sprouting. She asked me to pull it out for her (it was causing some discomfort/pain and also because she wants to experience the 'tooth fairy' leaving something for her when she puts the tooth under her pillow!). I tried but it wasn't loose enough. It was hurting her gums when she chewed food so she asked to go to the dentist (she likes visiting the dentist).

Her dentist commented lightheartedly, "Wow, she's gone through all the various treatments already - filling, root canal (although it was just a two-visit treatment) and now extraction...and she's only six years old!"

That's our dear Caitlin. Very good at getting 'treatments' and making us spend money, at the paediatrician, dentist, shopping mall, book shop,.....

Anyway, the money spent was/is necessary for our peace of mind for a healthy and growing child....

She 'knows' we are the tooth fairy so when going to bed, she said she was going to put the tooth under her pillow and hinted to Eugene that instead of shiny coins, she hopes the 'tooth fairy' will leave a sweet (candy) instead! Talk about being cunning!



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