Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doggy dreams

When you are young, your dreams are never impossible to achieve. Caitlin has tons of wishes and hopes of being this or that, doing this or that, going here or there...Never a day goes by without us hearing about her dreams and wishes and requests to do or be something or go somewhere.

She's a kid who plunges really deep into a subject matter once she's hooked. The opposite is also true when she's not interested in something....

She loves animals, almost anything and everything about them, the wild ones, the domesticated ones, you name it, she'd probably have a few interesting facts to tell you about it. Her kindy teacher referred to her as the 'walking encyclopaedia on animals'. Sigh, I wish the teacher didn't do that. Well, at least she's not in kindy anymore.

And dogs, they reign supreme among her favourite animals next to tigers. Her fave character in Kung Fu Panda is not Po but Tigress...also because Tigress is female (she is very pro-female).

Since age 4, she's been dreaming of having pet dogs. She kept harping about how wonderful it'd be etc etc etc and was (still is) always thrilled to see stray dogs, other people's pet dogs, pictures of dogs, movies and documentaries about dogs....and feeding and walking Copper, grandpa's dog, whenever we visit my in-laws.

She had pre-named her dream dogs Rusty and Mermaid Girl and even determined their breeds and gender. Rusty is a male schnauzer and Mermaid Girl a female dachsund. She drew pictures of her dream dogs and included a nice house and garden in the picture. It doesn't stop there. After smaller breed dogs, she wants larger breeds along with us moving into a bungalow with a large compound for the dogs to roam around....

Since mid-Jan, half of the first part of her dream has been realised, makes you wonder if the much hyped about "Law of Attraction" truly, truly works (hmmm, a bungalow...). We didn't consciously seek out Rusty the male schnauzer but he 'appeared' at the right time when we had planned to move to a house (i.e. can own a pet dog vs cannot have dog in apartment). We have yet to move in to the house so Rusty is now ruling the apartment and our lives!

Caitlin did her homework with Rusty on her lap this afternoon...

Caitlin is also currently into the videos of Balto (mixed husky-wolf) plus its sequels, and Snow Buddies (golden retrievers). Most nights, she requests for bedtime stories about these dogs and their adventures which we have to make up as we go along. Prior to this, it was Eight Below (huskies) and Underdog (beagle). Animal Planet and ASPCA shows compete with Playhouse Disney Channel.

Her craze about huskies has also gotten her interested in dog sledding and racing and Alaska. "When we visit America, I want to go to Alaska and go dog-sledding..." A couple of hours ago, her Alaskan dream escalated to "Mum, when I'm a teenager, I want to race in the Iditarod..."

Nothing gets in the way of your dreams when you are a child.

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