Friday, January 16, 2009

Rusty the Rascal

As the days go by, Rusty is showing his true Schnauzer colours - playful, intelligent, loves companionship, enjoys attention. He's cute and fun but still a handful as he's curious, greedy (he's a growing boy, no doubt about it!), hates being left alone and can't clean up after himself!

Right now, he's lying beside me as I'm typing this post, contentedly snoozing away, oblivious to the mess he created while Caitlin and I were out for dinner, resulting in the major cleanup I had to do. He's been good at doing his jobs on the designated 3x3 feet newspaper area which is his pen. Sometimes he misses when he decides to choose a spot at the edge of the paper.

But when he's all excited, desperate and clawing around when he thinks he's been left alone for too long, the papers shift, exposing the floor and most times, I'm unlucky enough that he chooses the exposed's worse when in his excitement he also overturns his water bowl... so give him a bath, pick up the poo, wipe and mop the floor, spray it with disinfectant, re-lay a fresh set of newspaper...Cleaning up after a pup feels harder than cleaning up a baby!

So with Rusty, Caitlin, household chores, new house matters, and occasional work, there's no wondering why I haven't been blogging these few days.

Okay, no time to waste rambling on here. Got to think about getting Caitlin to school tomorrow. It's the second Saturday she's to attend school to replace the coming extra Chinese New Year holidays most schools are declaring.

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