Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ready for school?

Caitlin is cool as a cucumber about going to Year 1 in four days' time as she's one who lives in the moment. She's still in holiday mood and going about life happily with her books, toys, TV and games.

Meanwhile, mummy here is counting down and worried that she can't get up early enough to get to school on time. And been working 'hard' in getting her books wrapped and making sure her school uniform is ready. There are three more books to get. They are currently out of stock....and there's her iron-on school badge to stick onto her pinafore and her name tag to be sewed on below it. That's not done. I'm a lousy seamstress. Tried sewing on her name tag (embroidered cloth patch) onto the pinafore but failed miserably. Gotta take it to the shop to pay someone to do it I guess, to save me the frustration.

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Anonymous said...

she looks like a proper schoolgirl! lovely picture. glad she's finding school 'awesome' too. lucky her!