Saturday, January 17, 2009

Info on Puppy Teeth

Puppies are born without teeth and get their puppy teeth between the 6th and 8th week of life and grow 28 teeth (called deciduous or baby teeth). The first teeth to emerge are the incisors at 2 to 3 weeks followed by the canines and the premolars. Puppies do not have molars. The upper and lower canines are at the back of the mouth and are larger teeth, with the upper and lower incisors in the middle.

Puppy teething continues on and off for several months just like in humans. Unfortunately like humans it can be painful or uncomfortable for your dog. You can tell when your dog is teething from her increased chewing and biting on everything imaginable.

Rusty! Stop chewing on the wires! Stop grabbing and running off playfully with Caitlin's slippers! Stop wrestling with the rag! Stop nibbling on my toes! Stop chewing your leash!

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