Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting the hang of things

Today was the fifth day in school for Caitlin. So far, I'm happy that she has not complained seriously about school (other than it's hot in the pick-up waiting area and the boys in her class are naughty!). Looks like she is getting the hang of things. Day by day, she's been easier in waking and getting ready for school in the mornings.

After daily reminders, she has gotten into the routine of knowing she needs to hand up her homework in the designated shelves for the respective subjects upon arrriving in class in the mornings, to bring her water bottle along with her to the canteen for lunch, and how to walk (along the yellow pedestrian lines) across the staff carpark to the waiting area for her to enter the car when I drive up to the front of the queue.

Upon hopping into the car today, she exclaimed, "School was AWESOME today!", even before I asked. Caitlin is one 'drama' queen and tends to use superfluos words to describe situations or feelings. Nevertheless, I was truly happy and excited to hear that. She said her teacher played a Numbers game with the class and it was fun (adding, "but the boys were naughty as usual!")

We chatted happily in the car all the way home. Her "school was awesome" statement still rings in my heart. It makes me feel all the work, frustration, hassle etc as a parent and in managing this milestone worth it.

Anyway, I'm pleased and reassured that we've made the right decision in sending her to this school vis-a-vis a Chinese-medium school which we earlier decided on. There are some good points about the school and its values that I like too.


mumsgather said...

You'll be even more glad after you read about my first week experience at a Chinese Medium school. Hahaha. I am still questioning myself. :(

Anna said...

Don't worry MG, I'm sure you made your decision to send her to Chinese school after much deep consideration. It's just the initial adjustment period that is harder with all things new. I'm sure if my girl went to Chinese school, it'll be even worse, she'll make a huge fuss about not wanting to go back there the second day if she were in your girl's shoes!