Saturday, January 10, 2009

Data recovery

The company which we sent our hard disk to for data recovery managed to salvage 90% of our stuff....but it cost us a huge bomb. But we had to spend it. A large part of the disk contained our precious photographs.

The past three months have seen us dishing out plenty for a number of unexpected problems like for my car (thrice!) and the computer. And of course, the expenses for setting up the new house is no joke.

We resolve to remember to back up our important data from now on. I've even backed up my blogs and work. We spent some $ too on an external drive for more disk space and back-up use.

On a different matter, it looks like we need to take Rusty our schnauzer home tomorrow afternoon. The original owner was willing to help us look afer him till before Chinese New Year only. Again, there's been delay in our moving. Things just don't seem to be moving as fast as we envisioned earlier. And with a number of new things happening this new year, we can't seem to get everything settled at the same time. Oh well, que sera sera...

Rusty would make life different for us in our apartment until such time when we move to the house.

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