Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daddy's Poem

While slowly retrieving old files and deleting unwanted ones following the crash of the old hard disk and installation of a new one, I came across an old floppy disk (yup, the oldies are still lying around...) labelled 'Personal'. I found many files which contained thoughts, notes and information revolving around Caitlin who was a newborn then.

One little file was titled 'Daddy's poem'. Eugene, being a rather non-communicative homo sapien in character and personality, especially pertaining to emotions and detailed descriptions (the typical male I'd say!), actually wrote a poem! This is the one and only poem I've seen him write in my entire life of knowing him since 15+ years ago! Even when we were courting, I could only DREAM of receiving flowers, let alone love notes or poems from him!

But on 27 Oct 2002, the day Caitlin was born, some magical angel dust fell on him and here's what the 'E' of ACE wrote:


You are my special angel.
When I think of you,
I am filled with so much emotion,
it makes me want to cry.
You’re the best thing that’s come into my life,
I thank God for such a special gift.
I am not sure if I am worthy of something
so precious and special.

Daddy, Eugene
27 October 2002

Caitlin, one day old, 28 Oct 2002

And since that fateful day, there has yet to be another poem or something similar to it that has sprung forth from the 'E' of ACE!

Caitlin, only you have Daddy around your little finger. Daddy (and Mummy) love you very much!

Caitlin, 5 years 5 months, March 2008

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