Sunday, January 11, 2009

Caitlin's brother

We have pitter patter of tiny feet around our home again. I refer Caitlin to him as his "cheh cheh" (Chinese for 'big sister'). Cleaning up after him when he poos and pees has not been too much trouble so far. I'm talking about Rusty, our miniature Schnauzer pup.

We brought Rusty home yesterday. Since then, he's added some work to my portfolio. He's been pretty good and manageable since arriving home and behaving as a normal 10-week-old boy, curious, playful and in need of attention and company. He whined, barked, whimpered when he saw us turning off some lights (left a nighlight on) and walking away from his pen, and saying 'good night'. He wasn't bawling but he made his unhappiness known. Twenty minutes later, he layed down and slept. At 2am, he started again, this time more determined to make his unhappiness known. And since I didn't want the neighbours to complain, I switched on one light at the opposite end of the room and layed down on the sofa where he could see me. I pretended to sleep. Ten minutes later he slept again and I crept back to bed.

At 6am, he called out again, barking rather loudly, so I woke, cleaned his pen and gave him breakfast. His docked tail wagged hard and he was barking happily, asking to be let out.

He is Caitlin's dog as she so frequently reminds us when we try to make Rusty-related decisions or scold him for trying to bite stuff (being the protective 'cheh cheh'). But so far, although she's agreed from aeons ago when pleading for a pet dog that she'd do everything in caring for him, including picking up his poo, she's yet to do anything other than play with him and attempt to 'train' him.

I've got one more 'kid' to talk to and train now! It's been about 20 years since I was hands-on in caring for a pet dog. Hope I remember the ropes. He's so tiny that at times, when he follows me around I almost kick or step on him... :)

Rusty, aka Malibu Dreams (registered name), looking deceptively innocent in his playpen.