Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boys and girls

Caitlin's class has 27 children - nine girls and 18 boys. Just when I thought girls these days are as naughty and rowdy as boys, I was proven wrong after observing all the boys in her class on the first and second day of school.

Being the first few days of school, the children were generally a little reserved as they were in an unfamiliar environment with strangers. Some were quiet, a few were teary, whiny or simply just concentrating on holding back tears. The boys in general, however, warmed up pretty quickly and by lunch time were seen playing in the classroom among themselves, outside, and even while the teacher was talking!

A few were even literally rolling around on the cemented open-air badminton court outside the classroom during break time. One mother said her older son used to get his shirts dirty so quickly and easily that she had to buy new ones for him every six months!

After lunch, they have to line up outside the class to wait for the teacher to arrive. Most of the boys' shirts were untucked from their active playing. The teacher arrived and had a hard time settling them into their lines and making them stand STILL, tuck in their shirts and keep quiet by getting them to put their forefingers on their lips.

The nine girls were fast in following the rules and got to enter the classroom fairly quickly while it was some minutes before the boys were let in.

On the second day of school, a boy lost a loose tooth. His classmate (a boy of course) pulled it out for him while class was going on! So there was some drama then with a bit of crying and blood. I heard it from a girl classmate's mother and the class teacher who were discussing the incident during lunch. So funny....

Caitlin said yesterday that all the boys are soooo naughty. They walk here and there and don't sit at their desk. She however made friends with Nicholas. According to her he is 'okay'. They sat together in the canteen during morning break and she started a conversation with him apparently because she noticed he had a food container similar to hers, a free gift from Yamaha Music School, which they both attend (but at different locations obviously). Her other friends are a few girl classmates named Alyssa, Hui Sin and Chrisal.

The kids are given a locker each. The teacher however keeps the keys as she does not want them to lose the keys or to keep leaving the classroom, especially just when lessons are starting, to take books etc as they have yet to be able to organise themselves to have the right books at the right time. They might also unintentionally leave their homework in the locker. They can ask for the keys if they wish to keep unused exercise books, spare clothes/uniform, stationery in the lockers.

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