Monday, January 5, 2009

Back but not in top gear, Caitlin's first day

We got a new hard disk. There's lots of space in it since all the old data in the old disk has yet to be recovered and re-stored into this new one, if there's any possibility of recovery....We've yet to hear from the supposedly professional people who specialise in data recovery of their diagnosis of our hard drive which let us down. Of course, we were too slow in backing up our files and didn't get around to doing it before it was too late....

The first day at primary school for Caitlin wasn't too bad. Here's a general run down of our day minus the pictures (because I've yet to re-install my photo downloader software for my phone to the PC, amongst a host of other downloads and uploads I've to re-do...)

6.00am Wakey, wakey Caitlin, "No, I'm too tired..."
6.20am Hurry up, brush your teeth etc etc, get into your uniform ....
6.30am Hurry up, eat your breakfast, we're running late. "I discovered I don't like going to Standard One...." :(. You haven't even gone yet!
6.55am Eugene, hurry up, we're ready
7.03am In the car to school
7.25am Phew, made it to school with smooth traffic conditions
7.30am Got to classroom and found a seat for Caitlin
7.45am Children line up outside class to head to hall for assembly
8.00am Assembly starts, parent hangers-on like me and Eugene were invited to join at the back of the hall, sing school song, national anthem, recite pledge, Principal speaks and makes announcements and briefings, in between firmly calling out names of children who talk, don't pay attention. I wondered if Caitlin knew what was going on as half the announcements were in Bahasa Malaysia.
8.30am Class teacher Puan Jackie addresses the class in the classroom, gives some instructions, takes them on a tour to the toilet, canteen, music room, library, bookshop, teachers' staff room.
9.45am Break time, line up to go canteen, we join her there for a while and bid goodbye....the dam breaks, some tears roll but no wailing or bawling. Phew...we head home, Eugene goes to work late. I run some errands, have early lunch
1.00pm I'm back at school. Had to park quite far away. School is on a hilly housing area so walk up to school was a torture to my legs, steep incline. Headed for the canteen to find her eating chicken rice. She's ok and asked if she could go home right after lunch. Told her no, there's still lessons and I'll wait. She asked me to wait at the corner where she can see me. I said I couldn't do that. Teacher won't allow and I won't be coming to school every day like that.
1.15pm - 2.40pm Networked with some other mothers and exchanged notes about school and education in general, shared insights and grouses on Chinese school, private school, international school etc etc, learnt some things from these mothers.
2.45pm School dismisses, happy to see me, we walk down the slope to the car to head home, complains about the steep walk DOWNhill...said she enjoyed her day when asked. Had one homework to do.

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