Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrap, wrap, wrap

The past few days at home were spent with paper, scissors, coloured markers, colour pencils, crayons, and sticky tape. We made our own Christmas gift wrappers again this year for all the presents we bought for our family members.

Eugene, Caitlin and I (mainly I) drew Christmas motifs and patterns on white paper and wrapped all the various shapes and sizes of gifts. I completed the wrapping yesterday. Left them on a heap on the floor in the dining room and today, I managed to pack them into three large bags, ready to be brought to the Ong family home in Klang tomorrow evening to be put under the tree before they get distributed after midnight mass and Christmas supper.

I then moved from paper to clear plastic wrappers to wrap Caitlin's school text and work books. Still have half of the entire stack to finish as I got tired after about six books yesterday.... I got Caitlin to write her name on the books herself.

We're 12 days away from the first day of primary school for Caitlin on 5 January. I worry about how we're going to get up really early in the morning to get to school on time the first one or two weeks. School is a reasonable distance away and we're not familiar with how traffic will be at that hour. I'm a worrier. Caitlin's always been a late sleeper and difficult riser, and slow to get moving. That's very much from the X chromosome contributed by Eugene! Of course, the other X from me carries some troublesome traits too I must admit.

The next few days will be busy ones, juggling Christmas obligations and trying to tie up loose ends for our new home. We are however still quite far from being able to move in.... Turning a completely new and bare house into something livable for a FAMILY takes a lot of planning and persevering as we are discovering.

We've also discovered that all building and renovation contractors, whether known to us or recommended by others, are one and the same! This is said with much annoyance. I've yet to come across one who is not unscrupulous, conscientious and totally commited to work and service quality. And their use of unskilled foreign labour totally irks me!

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