Friday, December 26, 2008

Working from home

Working from home is a good option for mothers who are crazy enough to want to hold two demanding jobs i.e. caring for her kids full-time and earning money by providing goods or services.

But not all mothers are crazy. Some have no choice because circumstances dictate such measures. It is a juggling feat to keep up with domestic chores (I'm talking about mums who are not fortunate enough to have maids), caring for the kids and meeting all their daily needs, and working at the same time.

One's self-discipine, time management skill, patience and commitment are tested to the hilt.

I'm trying to work at my desk but Caitlin keeps pestering me to help her try out her new toy, a nail art salon thing which she can decorate her nails with. While supervising her piano practice, the phone rings and I've to deal with the contractor of our new house and follow up with other phone calls to make new arrangements. She continues playing in the background but I missed what she played. I ask her to repeat but she's reluctant. Depending on what mood both of us are in, the stalemate is resolved either amicably or with tension and aggession. Such is a typical scenario.

And the phone is ringing again now...(not joking).

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