Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

It's another half hour to when the clock strikes midnight and when the 2008 calendar can be dumped into the dustbin. It's the time when many people you don't hear from throughout the year suddenly drop you a mass email or SMS wishing you the usual wishes of a 'happy new year', etc etc etc. Or some simply forward you some wishes or e-card that's been forwarded all around the world over and over again. Where's the originality and personal touch?

So this one below is my original wish to one and all.

"May you usher in the new year with a contented heart, a hopeful spirit for better things despite the present realities, and joy and gratitude for all the blessings you and yours have received this year. May your prayers and wishes be granted and may you continue to enjoy good health, and the company, support and love of family and close friends. May you find strength and peace during stormy weathers and sing like a bird in spring when the flowers bloom."

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