Monday, December 15, 2008


Everytime Caitlin visits the Giant hypermart nearby, she'll ask to buy Pokemon figurines from a stall selling knick-knacks to add on to her collection. After seeing how many (countless!) a son of our friend's has, she has been even more eager to boost her collection. The boy's name is Michael Jr. and he is a bespectacled 10-year-old kid.

Today, Caitlin added another six Pokemons to her collection and in the process asked me why Michael Jr has stopped collecting. I told her that he's now probably more interested in other things. End of conversation. A few hours later upon reaching home, another conversation took place.

Caitlin: Can I be Michael Jr's girlfriend?

Me (suspecting that it's because of his interest in Pokemon): Why?

Caitlin: I have a crush in him.

Me (surprised that my six-year-old knows how to use the word 'crush'): I have a crush ON him. Why do you have a crush on him?

Caitlin: Because I like boys with glasses!

Me: ???!!!

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