Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy week with kids and family

For the past nine days, I was back home at my parent's house spending time with family. My older brother and his family are visiting from the States and the house was abuzz with trying to keep up with breakfast, lunch, dinner, feeding the kids, managing their crankiness and keeping them from mischief and fights. There was never a moment that you could hear a pin drop. Many things we said to the kids were with exclamation marks, and most of the time, they were repeated at least thrice. The wooden staircase in the house got a good workout with the kids stomping up and down it all the time.

Chestnut and Jenna were 'tortured' by Caitlin and Kinglee, her 3.5-year-old American cousin, during bath time, while training them to get used to their leash and during short walks for toilet training.

Caitlin, being the 'big sister', found a groupie in Kinglee who literally followed her around, copying exactly everything she did and said. Caitlin was totally irritated with her sweet little cousin's adoration resulting in us adults having to sort them out almost all day everyday. Kids these days are a handful. My bro and I commented that we doubt we were ever like that during our time. We were more 'blur' then I believe.

As my parents' home is hardly child-friendly, keeping Ryan, my 1.5-year-old nephew, from touching my dad's breakable collectibles and endangering himself, was another energy-sapping task. This little boy is more curious than the proverbial cat and likes poking his fingers into places he's not supposed to, and turning things upside down to see what's interesting underneath. Life at his grandparents' house was so interesting with so many adults and kids and stuff to explore that his routine was thrown out of sync. This usually greedy, good eater decided exploration was better than food and sleep for once.

As for Kinglee's baby sister Kingmei, she's the most well-behaved, mainly because she's only 7 months old! She could be rather loud at times but always gives you the most adorable smile when her eyes meet yours. Caitlin loves her a lot and enjoyed cooing, playing peek-a-boo and 'This little piggy' with her.

Food was abundant throughout the day, typical of my mum who shows her motherly love by keeping our tummies filled all the time. A mixture of home-cooked and outside fare filled the dining table all day. It sure felt like Chinese New Year with so much food during and in-between meals. I guess it was called for since we are a 'complete' family only every few years when my older brother and his family visit from the States.

Speaking of food, I'm hungry now and am craving for some Seremban beef noodles. Too bad I'm back in KL. It's almost dinner time and Caitlin and I are waiting for Eugene to return from work before we go out for dinner. Not cooking tonight. Had not been the past 9 days which is a good break, and I will not be till the weekend as we'll be taking a short holiday somewhere up north.

I'll blog again next week I guess.

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