Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy day today

I'm simply recording my busy day. Not required reading for you as it could be boring.

I've just completed two hours of writing for some $$ and going to call it a day. My day began at 6.30am today to get ready to bring Caitlin to her new school for her orientation.

We listened to the briefing by the Headmistress and various teachers, met her class teacher, got a mini-tour of the school for her to know where her classroom, the washroom, field and canteen are. We listened to the rules, drop-off and pick-up arrangements, administrative matters required etc etc etc.

We then drove home to jump-start my car (it couldn't start since two days ago) to get it checked at the workshop. We then drove to a hypermarket on the way home to pick up some stuff and then met Eugene's parents when they arrived and went straight out for lunch.

After lunch we dropped mum, dad and Caitlin home and went straight to the new house to meet some contractors. The appointment was for 2pm but they turned up one-and-a-half hours late. When they arrived, we hit a snag with the job. Part of it was done by 5pm and can only be completed on Saturday, hopefully.

We then rushed to the workshop to pick up my car. Turns out that the alternator (second time now) was faulty and failed to fully charge the batteries resulting in failure to start the engine...Cost us a sizeable dent again following last month's humongous dent. This Continental car of mine has been rather troublesome of late....In between 2pm and 6pm, I got two calls from Caitlin asking why we weren't home yet.

Got home slightly past 6pm and immediately whipped up a vegetable dish for dinner. Thankfully, mum and dad brought Klang's famous 'bak kut teh' so I didn't have to cook any meat, soup or rice.

After dinner, I started writing at 9pm. Eugene put Caitlin to bed at 9pm and she slept by 9.30pm. I'm blogging now to end the day, after 17 hours on the go non-stop. It's been a very long day.

I've lived every moment in the moment today needless to say as my brains did not have the opportunity to think of the past or future.

The next moment to live now is to sleep. Ha ha. We're trying to get Caitlin to change her body clock to sleep by 9pm and arise by 6am for when school starts in five days' time. Hope I can wake at 6am tomorrow... :(

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