Thursday, December 4, 2008

Additions to our family

We'll be having additions to our family soon. It will happen next year after we move to our new home (which currently is giving us headaches with some snags with the defects...sigh, I foresee a battle with the developers).

We had been planning for just one but it looks like we may end up with two. One is female and the other male. They are named Jenna and Rusty. Jenna is a mongrel my dad found with her other four brothers and sisters. We adopted Jenna and her brother Chestnut while dad's neighbours took in the other three pups.

At the same time, Eugene's friend's miniature schnauzer gave birth and we've booked one male pup. Caitlin has been dreaming of having a schnauzer for the longest time so it's her dream come true. She had decided last year that she would name her schnauzer Rusty if she ever got one.

Since we now can't care for the pups at our apartment, my dad is looking after Jenna with his own pup Chestnut at his house. Meanwhile, Rusty has yet to grow old enough (only 2-3 weeks old now) for us to collect him.

Caitlin with Jenna


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