Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So many things, so little time

The few days since I last wrote a post here have been busy ones. We made numerous trips to several tile shops to get some tiles for our new home. Many that we saw didn't seem to hit the nail on the head and after much looking around and consideration, we finally placed orders for the ones we decided on yesterday. We also visited the Homedec (home reno & deco) exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Saturday afternoon, leaving Caitlin at my bro's home with my parents, nephew baby Ryan and sis-in-law Ee Ling.

She was okay to be rid of us since Pa had brought along from Seremban two stray pups that we've 'adopted', one of which Caitlin has said she wants as her own. She's named her Jenna (remember, all her friends, pets etc must be female!) after Jenna the husky in Balto) and the male one Chestnut (after the great dane in a movie by the same name).

Eugene and I spent over three hours at Homedec but did not commit to purchasing anything from there. Our home is currently undergoing minor renovation to the wet kitchen, front porch and we're also painting some walls and addding more power sockets. Once this phase is done, we'll move on to fitting in the kitchen cabinets, fixing the iron grilles, autogate, lights and airconds, and all the other minor fittings like curtains etc. Then only we can move in bit by bit. Date of moving? Big question mark. We are not setting any dates. We live one day at a time.

On Sunday, we treated Caitlin to the latest kids' movie, Madagascar 2, at TGV KLCC. She enjoyed herself thoroughly with popcorn and water, while bopping about on her seat and laughing crazily at the funny parts.

Over the weekend, we also missed my car Elmo which was admitted to 'hospital' on Friday. The thermostat went bust without me realising it. I usually drive short distances around our home and did not notice the engine overheating. When I did and sent it to the workshop, enough damage had been done to present Eugene with a hefty repair bill of over RM4K! :(

We have spent a lot on unexpected things plus home reno this month. We expect to spend a lot next month too with a trip to Langkawi which was planned with Eugene's family months ago, Christmas, Caitlin's entry to primary school (uniform, shoes, books, supplies), home reno and moving.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Eugene's year-end bonus will help ease the cash flow.

There are many things on my to-do list these days with all these happening. Luckily, Caitlin is still going to school these two weeks for a holiday 'camp'. December will see us spending time with both sides of the family. Mine with my elder bro and his family visiting for two weeks from the US, and Eugene's with the Langkawi trip and Christmas. We also have an Orientation Day to attend in December at Caitlin's new school.

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