Friday, November 14, 2008

Hurray, hurray, it's a holi-holiday!

Yippee! Today's the last day of school for 2008! Caitlin's in party mood. Last night we made some brownies for her to take to school today for her class party. School is dismissing early today and all the kids can wear their favourite party clothes to school instead of their uniform.

The teachers are in party mood too. This morning, at the daily morning assembly where they sing fun songs to start off the day, their songs were even catchier and all the teachers and kids were grooving away. What a nice way to start off the day and celebrate the start of the holidays.

Caitlin will however continue to go to school the next two weeks for a fun and activity-filled holiday camp. The highlight of the camp is an excursion to Aquaria KLCC. I can imagine all the fun she'll have. It makes me nostalgic to recall my schooldays and how much fun my classmates and I had on the last day of school.

Since we were in primary/secondary school, we still had to wear our uniforms but we had really fun parties. We were always excited, bringing party food, board and card games and toys, and we'd decorate the entire classroom with streamers and draw nice pictures and patterns with coloured chalk on the board. When our class teacher arrives, we start the fun with food and games and have a jolly good time joking, talking, and exchanging autographs. Aah, those were the fun, carefree days.

See how Caitlin's school set the mood for today. The video quality is rather poor because I had not planned to stay on after sending her and didn't go prepared with a proper camera. The shot was from a balcony upstairs hence the bird's eye view. See if you can spot Caitlin bopping about in her light green halter neck with striped tights and marine blue ribbon on her hair (she's got weird sense of fashion). After she dressed herself up, she proudly paraded in front of the mirror and said, "Wow, I look like a fashion model..." That's Caitlin!

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