Sunday, November 2, 2008

How about a holiday home in Panama?

Latin American music puts a spring in my step most times when I listen to it. Panama is one such country that comes to mind with its famous Panama hats, canal and of course lately, if you're a fan of Prison Break, that's where the heat was turned on by Michael Scofield in Season 2.

The sunny country tucked in the narrow isthmus connecting North and South America brings to mind bright yellow bananas and their tasty empanadas (that's about the only food I know of and think I've tasted once!). A holiday home in Panama sounds just right if you're one who loves to travel and spend months getting to know a place, or if you're lookng for a place to retire at.

In the Casco Antiguo region of Panama, Hotel Casco Antiguo appears to encapsulate what I have just pictured about the country, with its bright yellow shades over its sunny balcony.
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Prior to the global financial crisis, Panama was experiencing a property boom, with many Americans especially, looking to purchase second homes, holiday or retirement homes as it's a great place with many tourist attractions, hot weather, beaches and mountains.

Casco Antiguo is located in Panama City and should be a nice investment if you have the extra cash. It boasts of five-star amenities with rooftop terrace, bar and pool. There are 34 units of the condo hotel for sale.


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