Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday camp over

This week just flew by in a wink of an eye. Today marks the end of the second week of the school holidays and the last day of Caitlin's holiday camp. The past two weeks, she had enjoyed herself tremendously at school. They ended the camp today with a slideshow of what they did for two weeks and the children performed some song-and-dance to entertain parents who were invited for the simple show and buffet lunch. She also got a certificate of attendance and brought back all the things they made.

The theme for the camp was the Underwater World. They learnt how to rear fish in an aquarium, did some art and craft related to the aquatic world, made environmental enzyme, baked cookies, listened to stories and learnt about extinct ocean creatures, why the ocean is salty, why a ship can sail on the ocean and how to protect the sea creatures. She also got to experience making fish balls by helping the teachers scrape the flesh out of fresh fish, participated in fun water games in the school playground and pool and the highlight was an excursion to Aquaria KLCC.

Everyday without fail Caitlin would tell me excitedly what she did at school the minute I pick her up. If only normal school days are as exciting...

I too learnt some things like the saw-tooth fish has become extinct, there are now only 19 types of sharks left, how to make environment enzyme and what it's for. I also got a lecture one afternoon on why I should bring a recyclable bag for grocery shopping! As we were getting out of the car upon reaching home from school, Caitlin saw me getting some plastic bags of groceries out of the car. I had bought some groceries before fetching her from school. Immediately, she chided me exclaiming "Mummy, you must not use plastic bags! You must bring your own bag that can be recyled! It's not good to use plastic bags. If the sea turtles eat them, they will die! Bring your own bag and ask the cashier to put the things into the bag...."

Ok, I must make an effort to be more green.

Caitlin's environmental enzyme

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