Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gym class

Yesterday was the last gym class at school for Caitlin since it's the school holidays next week and also Caitlin will be leaving the school for her new one next year. Her gym teacher Mr Chan, wrote his phone number on all the palms of the kids for them to contact him to remain friends. How sweet and cute. Caitlin copied the number down on a piece of paper which she plans to keep safe (I hope).

I asked her if she had fun at gym and she boasted of how well she performed. She said she "really focused, and did the forward roll and landed very well"...and everyone said "Wah..." Then she continued telling me that everyone else did well except for N, a girl in her class who is bordering on obesity. She said "N needs to practise a little more because she is fat. Mr Chan had to help her by pushing her 'bum bum'!"

I couldn't help but laugh actually. But I also had to tell her what should her appropriate thoughts be on that. kid...I truly hope she will not grow up to be the typical know-it-all, full-of-herself, only-child kind of kid (no offence meant to anyone in particular who is an only child). Sigh, that's where the effort and skills in parenting come in I guess.

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