Thursday, November 20, 2008


I cook almost everyday except for weekends. I enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes from books or online or concocting my own. Sometimes I find cooking fun, sometimes therapeutic but sometimes a chore. Today, I totally have no idea what to cook for dinner tonight and it feels like a chore having to search inside my fridge and freezer and figure out what I can do with those items in there.

I actually have a daily meal plan to make life easier. I'm supposed to cook spaghetti bolognese and celery and mushrooms tonight. The easiest menu for the week but I'm getting tired of the meal plan and don't feel like following it today. Time to change the meal plan I guess.

It's times like this that I dream of being super rich and have a Michelin chef at my disposal or own a jet to fly me to Paris for a Seine river dinner cruise.

Dreams can come true actually. Many people have realised their dreams. They have firstly dared to dream and then acted on it. Keyword here is 'acted'....

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