Thursday, November 6, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

The days have just flown by with me lagging behind in updating this blog. Not that I don't have ideas or thoughts but I just lack the time and energy! The weather has been crazy. Just recently I complained about the heat but now it's back to a yoyo fight between the sun and the rain. A couple of days ago, an unexpected heavy (really heavy) downpour hit us as I was sending Caitlin to Mandarin class. It got me wet and I now have a slight cold. I feel sluggish. Hmm, I think that's how that word came about. If you're a slug, you move slowly....but why not 'slothish'? The sloth moves even slower.... Caitlin is recovering from a cold and is coughing while Eugene just mentioned this morning that he feels like he's coming down with something too.

Then there's the energy spent on trying to finalise stuff for the new home, meeting contractors here and there, sourcing for materials, pondering over floor plans and costings, and dealing as tactfully as I can with people who don't take their jobs seriously.

Timing is not on our side either. The delay by the developer in rectifying some defects is now pushing back our move-in date. We've decided to go ahead with our minor renovations which will take about one month. This makes it a tight squeeze to move in before Christmas. We might have to look at moving in after Christmas or even later in January.

Then there's the school holidays (i.e. Caitlin at home) to manage plus the preparation for her entry to primary school next year. With the move, everything will be pretty chaotic physically. I'm already shuddering at the vision of sorting stuff and packing boxes, driving to and fro between present and new home to oversee contractor's work and moving small boxes of stuff using the car, shopping for light fixtures and other fittings and appliances, getting curtains, organising furniture, going to the new school to arrange Caitlin's uniforms and books, sending and fetching her to and from her kindy for her two-week holiday camp, keeping up with my fortnightly contribution of parenting articles, spending time with my elder bro and his family visiting from the US in early December, going on a weekend holiday in Langkawi with Eugene's family, Christmas preparations, and unpacking and decorating once we finally move in... busy, busy, busy.

Just this weekend itself is enough to make me sweat. Deepavali lunch and meet-up with long-time-no-see ex-colleagues, early-morning baptism mass for a nephew followed by MIL's birthday lunch in Klang, then rush back to meet up with a couple of old primary school classmates (one of them is visiting from the US where she now resides) and in between we hope to squeeze in visiting our supplier to finalise some stuff for the new house.

Breathe, Anna.

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