Monday, October 20, 2008

The weather and under it

It's been a number of days since I put some words here. I'll start off with boring news i.e. the weather. Lately, it's been very predictable and annoying. I wake up to bright sunshine which turns into a scorching early afternoon. And almost like clockwork, when I'm just about to step out to fetch Caitlin from school, the sky suddenly turns dark with thick dark clouds. Then it pours cats and dogs and I'm forced to use my raincoat/umbrella. It lasts probably half an hour at most so by the time Caitlin and I are home, it's stopped.

After lunch at home minus rain, we're about to step out again for Caitlin's Mandarin class and there we go again, pitter patter and more cats and dogs, probably for another half hour. Later in the evening, when office workers are beginning their drive home, it pours again, sometimes till quite late at night. Low-lying areas are hit by flash floods and Penang is one state that's quite badly affected. Eugene sometimes chooses to stay in his office till the traffic clears and the roads are no longer parking lots before he calls it a day. That's the typical office worker's life in our capital city. We boast of the Twin Towers, etc etc etc but our road and public transportation system is not the best, that's putting it very mildly. Not to mention other major grouses that have hit headlines locally and worldwide.

Last Friday, Caitlin came down with some virus. Today's the third day she is having fever and complained of a sore throat a couple of hours ago. Being the paranoid mum, I took her to her favourite beloved paediatrician much to her delight. Besides the fever, she looked well enough to him and he couldn't detect any redness in her throat or any other problem. I guess it's better to be assured that it's something that should pass in the next few days which does not require antibiotics instead of dengue, hand-foot-mouth etc that's more worrying.

As with all specialists, their consultation fee is double the general practitioner's so it felt like the five-minute consultation cost a bomb. But then again, should I put a price to peace of mind that my child will recover soon? When it comes to the health of any young child, one must not take things for granted, better be paranoid than over-confident. And better for the child to see a doctor she loves.

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