Monday, October 6, 2008

Tigress gets a bath...finally!

I tried getting Caitlin's consent to put Tigress in the washing machine again today. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Caitlin, can I wash Tigress in the washing machine?

Caitlin: Noooo, she will get dizzy and vomit all over the clothes!!

Me: No, she won't. She's just a fake dog, not real, not alive, she won't vomit!

Caitlin: Yes, she will! Imagine if YOU go into the washing machine. You will get dizzy and vomit! She's MY dog, I found her when she was a puppy.

Caitlin storms off with a grumpy face to the kitchen and started drawing on my mini 'white board' on the fridge. She sometimes expresses her feelings through spontaneous art.

Her 'No Mummy' sign

Me (about to give up): Okay, how about a normal bath then?

Caitlin (smiling eagerly and nodding): Yes, let's do it now!

A happy ending...

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