Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy to write

I never thought I'd ever be lazy or not in the 'mood' to update my blogs since I started blogging early last year. Lately I have just been. The frequency of my posts have reduced as you can tell.

Although I've encountered some thought-provoking situations and people, I've just not gotten around to putting them into words here. There's this issue about Malaysian parents and their throught process, reasoning and decision-making on what type of school (national i.e. government, private or international), and medium of instruction (Bahasa, Mandarin or English) they should send their children to that has been churning in my mind but they've just been rather jumbled up that I don't know where to start!

My thoughts have also been revolving around how and when we can get the new home ready so that we can move in before the year ends. Caitlin finishes her pre-school education in mid-November and will move on to primary school come January. It felt like just yesterday when she was born and I held her teeny tiny fingers and on Saturday night, there she was on stage dancing and singing in her school concert/graduation. She was just a little longer than my forearm when I carried her out of the hospital to greet the world in October 2002 and now she's at my chest level in height, having a mind of her own and talking back like a teenager!

2009 sure holds lots of new things for us as a family.


Brian & I'Ching Thomas said...

Congratulations, Caitlin!!!

mumsgather said...

They grow up so fast don't they? 2009 will be eventful for us too. :)