Monday, October 20, 2008

Kung Fu Panda revisited

Watching the Kung Fu Panda DVD again after getting distracted by other movies (Balto, Snow Buddies, Wall-E) for some months reignited Caitlin's kung fu craze. She had earlier requested for a Powerpuff Girls birthday cake but now she wants one with ALL the Kung Fu Panda characters on it.

So a tug-of-war ensued with me telling her that the baker will probably not be able to have the right-coloured icing to make the picture look good and all the characters will probably not be able to fit onto the cake. So she has settled for the picture of Tigress, her fave character, mainly because she's female. Caitlin is very pro-female. All her pets and future pets must be female, she prefers female friends etc etc. It was easy finding a bakery that does Powerpuff Girls cakes but a Kung Fu Panda one? I've used one cake decorator who caters to almost all whims and fancies in the past years but this year we're saving cost so I was relieved when she requested for Powerpuff Girls. But now... I'll have to go back to the shop to ask if they can copy a printout of Tigress Eugene found from the Internet.

She's also re-bugging me about letting her take kung fu classes. It's worse immediately after she watches the movie. She'll start kicking and punching around with all the 'heeyak, heeyak' kung fu noises and brags that she knows all about kung fu and wants to be a kung fu master.

When she's into something, that'll be all she thinks about most times, even in her daydreams or night-time dreams. She smiles to herself while staring out into space or laughs aloud in her sleep, recalling or dreaming about some humorous scenes of the movie.

And in the car to some place on Saturday evening, she started this conversation with Eugene.

Caitlin: Dad, why are you boss to nine people?
Eugene: Because I have more experience and more knowledge about some things at work.

Curious about why she asked, I chipped in: So would you like to be a boss when you grow up?

A quick and confident 'No' came her reply.

Even more curious, I asked: Why?

Caitlin, in a matter-of-fact and confident way: I want to be a kung fu master!

Eugene dropped his head, speechless, while I sighed and rolled my eyes.

Aah, if things and Caitlin remain as they are 20 years from now, I truly wonder what Caitlin will be doing. It will quite surely be anything but boring.

So far she's mentioned astronaut, veterinarian, rock drummer, diva, SPCA officer, and now kung fu master.

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