Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding and being found

It's amazing how you can find people through the most popular social networking site. I bet you know which one I'm referring to. I've found friends from near and far and from long, long ago -- those whom I've not been in contact with for 20 years or more's quite nice to see their faces in their profile sections, find out what they are doing now (and everyday!) and take a peek in their photo albums. Most of them still look the same despite having grown older.

And it's amazing too how people can find me using this site. I've made friends out of strangers and just today, a headhunter contacted me about a position available. These are the benefits of technology, innovation and creative ideas. Who would have thought 20 years ago that such a thing as social networking sites could be created? All I had then were my school yearbooks and autograph books to remember my friends by.

I'm glad for such innovations. The world has become smaller and its people less distant.

(We must however be on the lookout for those who abuse such benefits. While we can find and be found so easily, remember that not everyone or everything you read out there could be right, fair, true, sincere, real....)

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