Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autograph books

Never did I imagine that six-year-old kids would have autograph books to remember their classmates by. I guess I've been out of touch with friendship 'practices' among schoolkids in this century! My friends and I started collecting autographs only when we were in primary school around 7 or 8 years of age those days. Hmm, I'm tempted to dig them up from my boxes of old treasures to read them and have a good laugh....

School will be out for the year next Friday, 14 November. Come January, when the Malaysian school year begins, Caitlin and her kindergarten friends will no longer be together as they'll all go to different primary schools of their parents' choice.

One day last week, she came home with an autograph book of one of her classmates. That got the ball rolling. Thereafter, she has come home with a few more, all requesting her to pen a few words, provide her contact details and a photograph. I'm glad this century has given us digital photo and home printing technology. Otherwise, I'd soon be running out of photographs of Caitlin to supply to her friends!

And of course, Caitlin also asked to do the same. So yesterday, while she was napping, Eugene and I painstakingly did a homemade, custom-made autograph 'book' with personalised pages for each of her classmates and selected teachers to put in their two cents' worth. We had bought some fancy paper with Disney Princess characters earlier and printed a short request note at the top with a small photo of herself. She distributed the personalised sheets to her friends today.

When she gets them back, we'll compile them into a book. This way, chances of her getting autographs from all her friends are more or less assured, compared to passing one book around. Even if each child takes the book home for just one day to write something, we'll not be able to get everyone's autograph since there are 13 schooling days left from today, and 18 kids plus two teachers to cover.

Sigh, I sometimes am amazed at the lengths Eugene and I, and other parents too, go for our kids.

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