Sunday, September 21, 2008

Work hard, play hard

We have a sticker reward system to provide incentive for Caitlin to do stuff that we find challenging in getting her to accomplish, like practising her music, feeding her goldfish, eating without reading or playing at the table. Like for most kids, these 'chores' are boring stuff and hard work.

This evening, she told Eugene in the private of the bathroom after spending some time reading and daydreaming on the 'throne' that "mummy does not know one thing (sounds serious, eh?), she does not know how to take turns to relax."

I happened to step in to check on her and asked what they were chatting about. Puzzled about what she meant by 'take turns to relax', I asked her and here's the explanation.

We must take turns to relax. On the first day, mummy relaxes. The next day, it's my turn, then the next day, daddy's turn. We each get a sticker when we relax. Then when we have a dog, mummy relaxes first, then the dog (talk about animal rights!), then me and then daddy.

Sounds like relaxing is not a reward by itself for chores done but a 'chore' that will be rewarded....

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