Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pretty Moon

According to Caitlin, this is a story her teacher told. Here's how she retold it.

"Once upon a time, the moon was very tall and she wore a long black dress. Every night, she would shine near the river and used the reflection to put on her makeup. Then she would shine high up and looked very beautiful. One day, the moon took a walk in the forest and her long dress got caught among the branches and thorns. It became torn everywhere and when she shone, all the animals said she looked ugly.

So the moon saw some grass and used it to cover her long black dress. She shone again and the animals said she still looked ugly. Then the moon found some flowers and plucked them and stuck them to her dress. All the animals said she looked pretty. But a gust of wind came and blew all the flower petals away. The moon's dress looked tattered again.

The animals then decided to help the moon become pretty again. The moon was very tall so the animals had to use a ladder to reach up to her. The stars also came down to help. They painted on her dress and when they finished, the dress was very beautiful. It 'fit' (matched) the sky. It had shiny stars all over and all the animals said the moon looked very pretty.

That's the end of the story about the 'vain pot' moon."

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