Monday, September 1, 2008

Fish spa experience

One weekend when we visited Pavilion mall, we chanced upon the fish spa that is quite the novelty lately. It's a place where you pay to get your feet nibbled by fish for 'therapy' to remove dead skin cells, rough skin etc. Caitlin was very fascinated by it as they had a glass window display at the shopfront where shoppers walking by can see people's feet getting nibbled.

She had mentioned wanting to go try it a couple of times when something triggered her memory and finally this evening (yesterday actually since it's past midnight now), we literally took the 'plunge'. We went to their outlet in Mid Valley mall. After paying (RM38 for adults and half price for kids age 4-12 for 30 mins), we washed our feet and found one 'tank' to put our feet into. Eugene did not join us as he had tried it before during his lunch break one day.

I had read in their website that different tanks had different sized fish, the bigger ones nibbled harder while the smaller ones were recommended for first timers. Unknowingly we dipped into the one with larger fish and immediately we both felt so ticklish we burst out laughing and almost couldn't stop.

Two Japanese women who were already there were quite amused with us and pointed out the tank further away which had smaller fish. The smaller fish's nibbles were more bearable, my feet felt slightly tickled and tingled. After awhile, I got used to the sensation. Caitlin however refused to put her feet in after the initial experience with the bigger fish. Only after much persuasion (I wasn't going to let RM19 go to waste, man!), she finally found the courage to put her feet in for the last remaining 10 minutes.

My feet

Caitlin's feet

When time was up, she said she wanted to do this again, but at Pavilion the next time...

My verdict? An interesting, fun and ticklish first-time experience. The hard and dry parts of my feet feel slightly softened. I guess you need to go frequently to get the full effect. The difference between this and using feet pampering products like foot baths, scrubs, lotions, etc is that you get the additional 'tickles' and you just sit and relax with drinks/snacks (they have a small menu) and reading material (provided free)instead of having to work on your feet yourself (unless you go to a pedicure or spa).

This place also offers a range of other pampering services like reflexology, head, neck, hand, shoulder, and body massage. Certain outlets also offer full body fish spa. Imagine dipping your whole body into a tub full of fish and getting nibbled!
Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa

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