Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Domestic help

This is my semi funny take on the whys and why nots of having live-in house help, or what Malaysians refer to as 'maids'.

Why I don't have/don't want a maid

Can't afford one i.e. acquisition fees, salary, full board costs
Don't want additional person to be frustrated with
Don't want additional headcount to care for
Don't want another crybaby if she is the emotional type who can't take correction
Don't have to worry about walking around the house in my undergarments
Can go out or holiday without worrying where to park her if we don't bring her along, or if I'd return to find her (and contents of my house) missing
Don't have to worry where and when we do 'it' as long as kid is asleep (not that we are such horny beings-lah!)
My kid will not speak with Indon or Filipino accent
No worries about maid seducing hubby (LOL! but actually I've heard of such cases you know...)
Don't lose money to agent or get blacklisted by the authorities if maid runs away
Don't need to do quality control check on housework done

Why I would like a maid

Can pretend to live like 'tai tai' or designer mum
Don't have to clean meat, fish, vege after marketing
Don't have to wash, cut, chop food to prepare for cooking
Don't have to do laundry, dishes, house cleaning, ironing
I will not have hand dermatitis, instead can have manicure and pedicure everyday
Can park maid and kid at home or bookstore while I do my own shopping in peace
Can enjoy my dinner with other adults instead of sitting at the kiddies' table, or hopping between adults' and kids' tables to make sure the kid is eating and not just playing with other kids when we eat out.
Can exercise, watch TV while the housework gets done by someone else.

Looks like why I don't want a maid outweighs why I want one.... Damn! Hee hee, so I've been maid-less for two years now. Hooray...or sob sob?

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