Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rainy morning fun

It's a gray and rainy morning today. We're indoors. The part-time cleaner is here so we have to stay home till she's done. We played soccer along the corridor leading to our bedrooms with Caitlin's pink mini football. She worked up some sweat and is now doing some colouring.

With kids, mine at least, it's hard to keep to a schedule. I make plans for certain activities but they hardly get implemented. It's easier to just 'go with the flow' than torture ourselves with a schedule. Two days ago, she was into writing, so she wrote a letter to Eugene and we mailed it to him. Hah, at least she got some writing and spelling exercise! I think he should be surprised to receive it at his workplace today.

Now, while I'm blogging, she's finished colouring and is 'helping' the cleaner mop the floor. I guess as long as kids have fun, we can't really force them to do the things we want them to do. After all, it's when they have fun that they are more open to learning.

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