Monday, August 18, 2008

Malaysia's Olympic silver

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I'm sure by now the talk of today is Malaysia's badminton gold medal candidate Lee Chong Wei's loss to China's Lin Dan in last night's men's singles badminton final. I saw the whole game and it was disappointing to see Chong Wei's lack of control of the game. Lin Dan struck a cool and controlled pose as he attacked but Chong Wei seemed tensed and he let the pressure to secure the gold medal get the better of him.

Lin Dan cruised quite easily and stretched Chong Wei to return his shots, leading by a 50% margin in both matches to win the gold at 21-12 and 21-8. He immediately threw himself to the ground upon the final point, emotions finally unleashed after 39 minutes of focused play.

Well, Malaysia didnt' win the gold this time but I guess it's still a step up from the bronze we won in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics....

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