Monday, August 18, 2008

Internet relationships

Since the availability of the Internet, reaching out to people and making new friends near and far around the world has never been easier. Chat, friendship, dating, matchmaking, networking sites have mushroomed overnight. MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook are just a few the uninitiated me knows of. I bet nine out of 10 people you ask who have Internet access are on Facebook. Facebook is currently the top social networking site.

You can have literally thousands of friends around the world when you join such a site. Friendships can blossom and two people from the far ends of the earth can hook up, date online and even go a step further to what is known as cyber sex. Is this good or bad?

Definitely both, as time, people and real-life cases have proven. Some have had successful relationships which lead to marriage, some become close friends and soulmates, and some also become enemies and abandon the internet relationship.

Whatever it is, when we create internet relationships, we should be clear of what we want out of it. It is easy when it is with family and friends we have grown up with, known and spent time with face to face. We should however tread with caution when it is with people we have met briefly online (or even face to face), people we have yet to get to know well enough, strangers. It is easy for others to fake their identity, character, and personality online and that's where you are at risk of complications, problems, danger, and even threat to your life.

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