Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A draggy day

Caitlin's friend from school came over for a playdate today and was here almost the entire day. They started out fine playing together, practising piano pieces and singing for next week's Yamaha concert, and eating lunch together. After lunch, they played computer games and that's when the 'rift' started developing. They both wanted to play different games...

From then on, things started going downhill gradually. I started getting complaints separately from them on several occasions. So, as the 'umpire', I had to cajole, persuade, convince, rationalise, teach, explain and be as fair as possible. Both kids are competitive or rather, 'kiasu' to put it bluntly.

They tried to outdo each other in getting the plates, cups and cutlery for lunch. When one drank water, the other also did. When both needed the toilet at the same time, they rushed to get to the same one (although I have more than one bathroom!). When playing together, they rushed to grab the different pieces of toys to hoard for themselves. I had to resort to 'rock, paper, scissors' when they both tugged at one toy.

When I gave them a teatime snack in front of the TV, they quickly hoarded the biscuits in their hand....Should have given them their portions in separate bowls.

Each time, I had to butt in gently to point the way.

When one arranged the toys in a certain way, the other rearranged them, much to the annoyance of the former. Then the latter started sulking...

When walking the friend to the elevator to go home, both rushed to be the first to push the button. The 'winner' gloated, the 'loser' sulked. The friend got into the car and slumped down the seat, no goodbye wave.

Caitlin layed down on the sofa and watched Animal Planet. The friend's mum called to get more details on what happened. After my conversation with her, I walked over to Caitlin and found her in Dreamland. I carried her to bed and she's been asleep for three hours already. Three attempts in the past hour to wake her for dinner and a bath have been greeted with kicks and wails of protest.

What did I do today? Did some laundry, cooked lunch for the kids, helped them with their concert practice, tried to interest them in math activities which lasted all of 10 minutes, surfed a little while on standby as umpire, and cooked dinner which is still untouched. Eugene's craving for pizza last night was satisfied from a delivery order I made (how thoughtful of me, at the expense of the dinner I cooked!) and my sleeping child has yet to wake to eat dinner....and here I am blogging while Eugene is just starting his day at home after his pizza dinner in front of the TV and helping me with some household chores....

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