Friday, August 1, 2008

Decisions, decisions

We have yet to do anything concrete in next-steps for Caitlin's enrolment in primary school. Caitlin's been sick this whole week and that leaves me no opportunity to leave the house and check out new alternatives. Doubts about whether all three of us can cope with everything that comes with the Chinese school 'package' are re-surfacing. I guess we need to really decide if Chinese school is the way to go. If it is, then we'll just have to bite the bullet.

The doubt is also now contributed by the fact that we are toying with the idea of a private school that is operated by a church. The syllabus they use follows the 'kebangsaan' schools but with more time provided for English and Mandarin. The other plus point is that the size of the classes are smaller, 28 children per class vis-a-vis around 50 per class in Chinese schools. And their fees are affordable, equivalent to what we are paying Caitlin's kindy right now. The only minor drawback is this school is pretty far away from our home.

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