Sunday, August 3, 2008


Scene 1: Caitlin asked Eugene to play a game on the mobile phone. She cheers him on.

Caitlin: Come on daddy, you can do it. Go, go, never give up. Find a way. That's what winners do!

Me (surprised and puzzled): Where did you learn those phrases from?

Caitlin (eyes still fixed on phone, in a brush-off tone): From 'Surf's Up' lah! Daddy, come on....

Scene 2: Caitlin colouring a picture

Caitlin: See mum, I added a long sticky tongue for the frog and there's a fly on it. Is it nice?

Me: Yes, that's good.

Caitlin: Yeah, I'm so intelligent, huh....

Scene 3: At the toy section in a supermarket

Caitlin: Mum, can you please buy this for me?

Me: Where's the money you were saving to buy things?

Caitlin: No, you use your money!

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