Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Somehow, today didn't quite turn out much better than yesterday. I lost some money. Someone had taken it and I'm very sure of how it happened and who possibly took it because I had withdrawn the money from the ATM just before visiting that place. And after I was done at that place, I didn't use any cash at all. I paid using a credit card and went straight home after that.

I only discovered a portion of the total I withdrew missing after I got home. It was then that I realised that momentarily-strange feeling I had when I was removing my purse from my handbang to get my credit card. The purse was not in the section of my handbag I usually kept it in.

I have no proof but still complained to the establishment. That place has only three staff, the manager who didn't attend to me, and two staff who attended to me. The manager vouches for the honesty of the senior staff but was not able to do so for the newer one. She called back later and said she had questioned her staff and did a search but zilch. She has offered to reimburse me half the amount I lost and 'repay' the other half through her services....

The washing machine guy could not make it today at my specified time to replace the faulty part so I'll have to wait till tomorrow morning.

And while writing this post, I got a call. My grandma who is still in ICU is now critical - complication from the surgery. Her children are now deciding whether she goes for another surgery or not. Either way, the outcome is not promising.

I visited her last Saturday in my hometown two hours' drive away from where I live. She was in the ICU and was asleep so I did not get to talk to her. Caitlin made her a get-well card. I wonder if she saw it....Caitlin was disappointed that she could not see her great-grandma because ICU does not allow children visitors.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards" -- Goethe

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