Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is a 'Tai Tai'

In these few years of being a homemaker, I've received remarks from acquaintances and even strangers about how 'lucky' I am to be able to stay at home and 'not work'. Some of them used the term 'tai tai'. If we were to really look into the actual meaning of this term, it confirms that I'm totally far from being a 'tai tai'.

According to this site, "to qualify as a Tai Tai, one has to have lots of leisure time, lots of money to spend and lots of gossip to exchange. A Tai Tai would win if shopping were an Olympic event." LOL, but I agree! With just this simple definition, I already don't qualify.

And wait, there's more. It also says:

Real Tai Tai's meet the following criteria:

1. A tremendous amount of leisure time
2. Lots of money to spend. A Tai Tai travels a lot
3. Concerned about status, social standing, and owning the 'latest in anything" that is remotely hot (ie: Pashminas. Fendi Baguette Bag,....) God forbid a Tai Tai be seen with last year's style!
4. Keenly interested in beauty upkeep (pedicures/manicures/facials/slimming treatments). Will stop at nothing to eradicate the tiniest sign of ageing.
5. Often associated with do-good charity works and community.
6. Discerning about the company she keeps. Must be in the right social circles
7. Well-educated and global in perspective. Has lived on more than one continent. Experience and detail are what distinguishes a real tai tai from the wanna-be's.
8. Buy in multiples and only the real thing. To get a better price and for their other homes in New York, London, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Singapore, they will bargain.

So, I'm a homemaker, not a 'tai tai'... don't have lots of money to spend, no pedicure, manicure, shopping, travel, gossip, leisure time, let alone buy in multiples, have homes around the world; although I consider myself educated enough and I will bargain (for obvious reasons of course!) to get a better price.

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