Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sick at school vs. sick at home

Caitlin's been down with a cold and fever since Sunday. I told her not to go to school yesterday but she insisted, not because she loves school so much but she simply wanted to experience being sick at school.

She told me that if children get sick in school, the teacher will take them to the office to use the thermometer. If their fever is high, the teacher will stick the cooling pad on their forehead and they can rest in the playroom.

To convince me further to let her go, she said "Teacher is just like mummy in school. Because mummies cannot be in school with their children, the teacher will look after them." That was an exact repeat of what I told her once when I explained to her why she had to tell her teacher if anything was wrong, like if she felt sick, fell or got hurt.

I told her that I will put her fever medicine in her bag so that teacher could give it to her when it was time for it. She exclaimed with arms up in the air, "Yay...!" Boy, it looks like taking medicine in school is something fun and to be proudly shown off to others in class!

At home, she'll request for a cuddle and/or one kiss on each cheek first to "give me power" and then count to 10 nervously while holding the medicine cup before downing it with a grimace....


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